HIPAA Compliant Email

Email Pros provides a "one-stop" solution for HIPAA Compliant Email: email hosting, secure file attachments, message encryption, data loss prevention, email archiving, and more. Stop sending Patient Health Information (PHI) using your personal email address, Internet Service Provider, or even hosted email from other companies. Odds are, what you are using is not HIPAA Compliant! Switch to us today with plans starting at $10/month!

User Friendly Features

With our user-friendly Hosted Email Service, you can send and receive secure email with our Secure Webmail, any mobile device, and email apps like Outlook or Apple Mail. Send Secure Attachments up to 2GB! We provide TLS Encryption for data in transit and Message Encryption for data at rest. Never lose an email again with our Email Archiving. Sync and remote wipe mobile devices with Exchange ActiveSync, plus much more!

Switching Is Easy

Need help switching over from another email provider? No matter how big your company is, we will perform a complimentary migration to get you moved over to us with no downtime! We also offer a free 1-hour setup training session over the phone with one of our techs to ensure your switch to us is completely painless. With no contract or setup fees, let us handle your HIPAA Compliant Email while you focus on growing your business!

HIPAA Compliant Email Plans

Plan One


Per User Per Month

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  • HIPAA Compliant Email Hosting
  • 5 Users Minimum ($10/month)*
  • Complimentary Setup & Migration
  • No Contract, No Setup Fees
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Archiving Not Available
  • Optional Exchange ActiveSync**

Plan Two


Per User Per Month

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  • HIPAA Compliant Email Hosting
  • 5 Users Minimum ($15/month)*
  • Complimentary Setup & Migration
  • No Contract, No Setup Fees
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Archiving Included
  • Optional Exchange ActiveSync**

Plan Three


Per User Per Month

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  • HIPAA Compliant Email Hosting
  • 5 Users Minimum ($20/month)*
  • Complimentary Setup & Migration
  • No Contract, No Setup Fees
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Archiving Included
  • Exchange ActiveSync Included

*Please call to place your order for more than 250 users.

**Add Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync - $2/User/Month (No Minimum)

HIPAA compliant email usa-shield

American Owned
and Operated

HIPAA compliant email norton-shield

Symantec TLS 1.2
256-Bit Encryption

M&O Certified
SOC 2 Datacenter

30 Day Money
Back Guarantee

No Contract
No Setup Fees

Reliable 99.9%
Service Uptime

U.S. Based
Customer Service

U.S. Based
Tech Support


"We researched several HIPAA compliant email services before picking Email Pros. We have been with them since 2013 and have been very pleased with the service, the support, the communication, the response time, and the ease of use. Most of our providers access their email through the Email Pros web portal and report that it is very user friendly and suits their needs to a tee. I have found the control panel very user friendly. We have looked around each year for another service that would offer a better value for the money, and we have not found one. The communication from Email Pros is spot on – we know when to expect outages and when they will have limited office hours because of holidays, etc. Even on holidays, we have been able to reach a support person when needed. Overall, very pleased with Email Pros."

Jim Simon, Chief Operating Officer
Greater Houston Behavioral Health Group

"We have been partnered with Email Pros since 2014, and as a health care provider we are thrilled with Email Pros' responsiveness and ease of use. Coming from hosting our own server and dealing with the myriad of problems that are associated with our email being "down", using Email Pros has made that a complete non-issue for us. They are always up. We also appreciate the ease of the HIPAA encryption security to allow us to communicate with our different partners confidential PHI in a secure manner. We are pleased with our decision to use Email Pros for our needs and highly recommend to others."

Kate Brewer, President
Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency

"As a healthcare provider, I must communicate sensitive patient information and images with various specialists and colleagues on a regular basis. Having reliable, secure and HIPAA compliant e-mail service is a requirement for me to conduct business. I have been using Email Pros since 2014 and have found their service to be affordable, reliable, secure, and easy for offices on the receiving end to download and view. Also, they sync seamlessly with my mobile phone so I can send and receive messages while away from my office. I would recommend Email Pros to anyone looking for such services, they have been an easy “no brainer” solution to my HIPAA secure email needs."

Dr. James Julien, DDS

"I spent hours researching HIPAA compliant email servers when I started my business. I chose Email Pros after talking to their staff and the price was reasonable. Email Pros technical staff is phenomenal. Anytime my email is not working, all of two times in the past 7 months, they notify me before I notice and help me reconcile the issue. I am pleased with their level of professionalism and customer service."

Holly Strickland, Chief Operating Officer
Alliance Sound Imaging, LLC

"As the largest psychiatric practice in Northeast PA, we service thousands of clients from a vast geographical area. Following HIPAA guidelines is of the utmost importance to our staff. Email Pros keeps us compliant and allows us to streamline our efforts, work more efficiently and serve our clients."

Mechele Greene, Business Manager
Matthew A. Berger, MD, PC

"Email Pros has been the perfect email provider for us! It is easy to use and completely reliable. Chatterbox is a small, privately owned company, but we are treated like a Fortune 500 Corporation from the folks at Email Pros!"

Tammy King, MA, CCC-SLP
Chatterbox Speech Therapy Services

"Email Pros does an awesome job providing exactly what they say they will - HIPAA compliant email with easy set up at a reasonable price. They have been very responsive to any and all technical needs or questions and run a great service."

Dr. Evan Sorokin, MD

"Email Pros has given us the security and peace of mind to know our emails are protected and HIPAA compliant. They have grown with us from the time we were just a very small company until today and have offered excellent support every step of the way!"

John Lucero, Director
Center for Social Dynamics

"I have worked in the IT field for several years, and Email Pros is the best and most affordable HIPAA compliant email solution on the web. The staff is excellent to work with and I highly recommend them to all of my clients."

Rod Atwood, CEO
Websnoogie, LLC

"We were looking for an email provider that was HIPAA compliant and we came across Email Pros. The set-up was painless, everyone has been very helpful. And we could not beat the price anywhere! Thank you...."

Laura McGettrick, Operations Manager
Hi-Tech Family Dentistry

"I have been very happy with Email Pros! It is great to have all of my confidential work emails in one place and to be able to easily access them online and on my phone. When I have needed support, it has come quickly via email, which works fine for me. I have also used the Secure File Link feature to send confidential patient reports with password protection. That has also worked very well. I look forward to continuing my use of Email Pros!"

James J. Crist, Ph.D., CSAC
Child & Family Counseling

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